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London Lad
30-08-2011, 22:47
Hello one and All,
My first post on here, having spent an enjoyable half hour or so reading the threads...

I picked up my first Motorhome / Campervan (?!) on Friday afternoon and took it straight to Rudgwick Steam Fair, where I had an enjoyable lark about and 4 nights sleeping above the steering wheel :)

Anyhow, today I returned home, and just 5 miles from abode got a puncture!
The spare was good but I hadn't checked to see if there was a jack....silly boy. Then came the real surprise. I phoned the RAC; which we have been members of for several years without any issues - only to be asked is the vehicle liable to be struck from behind?
My truthful answer was to say that as it is a dual carriageway and whilst close to the kerb in the LH lane, yes could be!

The response was, Sorry, you will have to phone 999 and ask for a Police low loader to extract the vehicle and then phone us back.
Mmmm, thought I. This will be fun.
But that is what I did, although requested that they contact the local garage to send out a man with a jack instead. The 999 Lady was quite amazed at the RAC, and I did apologise for wasting her time, but thought that it best they should be aware of the situation.

If the RAC are concerned at a motorhome being struck, what chance a small car?
I do realise there have been some fatalities with roadside rescue, but getting the Police involved can't be the answer surely?

31-08-2011, 05:17
The RAC and the AA have weird rules that, as far as I can make out, they make up as they go along
If you are a member of the Camping & Caravan Club then the RAC will attend and there will be no problems. The same applies to the AA and the Caravan Club.
They seem to have arbitrary weight limits that they apply but quite what they are takes some deciphering
Our Laika weighs in at 4.3T and the AA would not attend. We joined ADAC and who should come bowling down the road to sort the problem? Yes, you've guessed it - the AA

London Lad
31-08-2011, 06:39
Yes, this wasn't a weight issue it seems, but the possible risk of being struck by another car.
We are members of the Camping and Caravanning Club too..but they didn't ask about that anyhow.