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01-12-2004, 00:06
hi people,
just a few words about myself as i have just joined this group.
i have a 2nd hand peugeot autocruise valentine,first reg 2000, 2 berth
had her for 4 months now.
had 3 weeks away, cornwall, isle of wight, blackpool, and 4 weekends.
we both camped (me and the wife) for many years.
last year my wife had a major heart op so camping was out of the question.
spent all the money the kids were expecting and got this motorhome.
but we are both loving the time spent away.
so any quiet sites you have seen/been to, that are not far away from help, i would like you to post them please.
wife is frightened to death about "wild camping" but like the idea of "being a wild camper"

01-12-2004, 20:09
hi there floppy and welcome [creoso ] to the wildcamping web site. the general idea is that we all post sites that we visit but I'm sure that the members [that includes yourself now] will bear in mind your wife's special needs and post info relevant.
the best quiet places ar in scotland or the york moors or the southern moors, all very wild places but fortunately in this country, never far from help. i suggest that you check for a signal on your mobile before you settle down in a spot. if you don't have a mobile then sort yourself out with one, it doesnt have to be expensive but you need to be sure of the best reception and that [in my opinion only] is either vodafone or t mobile.
and make sure you have an in car[motorhome] charger.
i have been wilding in the UK for 5 years with the van and many years in a tent and so far have had only one incident involving hassle. we all get the odd tug from plod, council morethanmyjobsworth and occaisonally others. always make sure that the land you use to park up on doesn't belong to a private landowner.
any other help or information u need just ask mate and get posting.
my van in an ex ambulance, 1987 bedford cf, green and has now done 70k miles in total, 30 of that in the last 4 years as a camper. wave if u see us