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15-09-2011, 20:43
Anybody using this satnav ?

Where can I get the pc software without paying a fortune ?


15-09-2011, 21:00
How much is a fortune?


15-09-2011, 21:12
Unfortunately I have tried that link and it is a corrupt file .

Thanks for looking .


Lorry Ball
15-09-2011, 21:14

pm me with you email and i might be able to help with a 200+mb file
you will also need a standard USB to sat nav lead

Lorry :drive:

15-09-2011, 21:27

pm me with you email and i might be able to help with a 200+mb file
you will also need a standard USB to sat nav lead

Lorry :drive:

PM sent


16-09-2011, 08:56

I downloaded the file that was kindly pointed out to me overnight and had a look this morning .

After unzipping the rar I was left with three files , one is a text file in Spanish and the other two are mds files which my computer does not recognise .

I translated the spanish text .

" Hola, este CD sirve para que el ordenador reconozca el GPS Navman F20 a traves de un cable USB.

Para que puede servir esto..... pues para poder meterle los pois de los radares y que nos avise cuando vamos a pasar por uno, para más información de como meter los pois, visitar Puntodeinteres || Últimas Noticias (http://www.puntodeinteres.es)

Saludos Akhet "

And it still does not make any sense .

" Hi, this CD helps the computer recognize the Navman F20 GPS through a USB cable.

To serve this ..... then put him to the pois of radar and let us know when we will go through one, for more information on how to get the pois, visit Puntodeinteres || Últimas Noticias (http://www.puntodeinteres.es)

Greetings Akhet "

I think I will have to dig deep into my pocket .

I have not payed for a CD or DVD for about ten years :scared: So maybe now is the time


OK I have had a coffee and woken up properly .

After a quick search on the wonderfull world of freebies I found a solution .

The .mds file is actually a cd file that is recognised by CD burning software , and because I had no CD burning software on my pc it did not recognise it .

I downloaded a free trial of Alcohol 120 software , and hey presto I have managed to add the poi file to my Navman .

Many thanks for all your help guys .


16-09-2011, 11:47
Google navitotal, its a good site for sat nav maps, poi's, etc and tutorials on updating sat navs :)

uk hippy is another site for sat nav poi's.

16-09-2011, 15:11
Have a look at gps underground they cover most makes & models of sat nav, some are a bit long winded but I've been able to update my Garmin with new maps twice and the latest speed camera updates all FOC!!