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Go Motorhoming
20-04-2007, 07:00
We need your Aires

You might think after visiting 500 French Aires this year we would have got sick of them. The truth is we want to hear about the ones you visited in the past 12 months.

We decided it was bonkers importing aires books from Europe that only a small amount of Information could be gleaned from. So just like Go Motorhoming Europe is the motorhome Bible we set about compiling the best stopovers guide for France. Entitled ‘Stopovers France’ this guide gives accurate directions with road names and numbers, GPS coordinates have been taken on site. Over the last four months our inspectors have visited and photographed 500 reporting such things as types of dumps, suitability for large motorhomes, noise, ambiance, waterside, cycle paths, green space for dogs, play areas for children, fishing and even if they are worth visiting.

We have been given permission to publish brief information on a further 500 but believe there are about 1500 true aires in France, so the only way we can get all of them is for you to help.

See a draft page here

Please send us any information you have, we have a check sheet that we will email you if you wish.

This guide will be sent to the printers at the end of April 07, it’s going to be good but with your help it could be great. You can give them to us at Peterborough.

We will be rewarding people who provide information with discounts and will give free copies for great information.

Thanks In Anticipation

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Partners Chris and Meli

20-04-2007, 14:05
Hi, So I take it that the new (all singing, all dancing) Camperstop Europe guide that I purchased from u in February this year is now out of date!, or what is the difference?
I am going away in about an hour & will not be available to reply after then until sunday evening.
Also can U confirm the price of Garmin Nuvi 660 with pre loaded Aire's.
It was £389.99
Is the 5% discount available on this item?

Go Motorhoming
23-06-2007, 06:44
Firstly let me apologise for not replying to your post Garth, I will click the notify button this time.

I wanted to give a little update on our progress, and have posted a general splash below. There is also a link to take a look inside the guide.


This is the second in the series of groundbreaking Go Motorhoming books. Following the success of the first book, Go Motorhoming Europe, dubbed the ‘Bible’ the authors set out in 2007 to produce the best directory possible of the motorhome service facilities in France.

Features of the guide
* Written in English
* 600 photos, more than any other guide
* 1100 verified Aires, over half inspected 2007
* Onsite GPS coordinates
* Directions with road names, numbers and postcodes
* Aires for big motorhomes

Look Inside the Guide Here

What’s covered where?
Inspectors searched for stops across the whole of France during the winter and spring this year. Many new and undiscovered ones were found and recorded. 600 have been inspected. Those listed are found in villages, towns, and rural or waterside locations. Motorway rest areas are not included or recommended as suitable overnight parking. French authorities have provided details on a further 500 Aires across France, this year.

What information is provided?
The 600 inspected Aires are laid out four to a page, each has a colour photo that was taken to give as true an overview as possible. The inspectors have become true Aire Heads, and have provided accurate descriptions of the facilities, amenities but more importantly the ambiance of the stopovers. Other useful information includes; walking time to town/village shops and restaurants, local activates and recreational facilities, areas suitable for dogs and children, and for some the most important thing, being on the waters edge where fishing or simply taking in the scenery can be enjoyed.

The other 500
Information submitted by the French authorities provides at least the following; the town and road or place name, if there is a service point and whether overnight parking is provided. Many list the number of parking spaces, suitability for large motorhomes, maximum duration of visit, and opening times. The level of information is comparable with that provided by the French produced Aires de Services guides, though non French readers will gain more from All The Aires.

Getting there is easy!
Finding Aires has always been a problem for some. GPS coordinates are given that were taken onsite and provided in the following format N45º04.230'E004º49.716' Directions are brief but have been considered carefully so that the Aire is approached from easiest, main, route. Directions start with the road name or number that the Aire is located by; the direction of travel is then established. The necessary junctions are then described with prominent features highlighted. On most occasions there are signs to follow. There are well known motorhome draining its grey water, symbol, abbreviated to “signed” in the guide or place and facility names on signposts abbreviated to “Sp” then the name 'Port Plesance' for example.

What authority do the inspectors and publishers have?
All The Aires is published by Vicarious Books LLP the UK’ only dedicated motorhome bookshop and publishers of the expert recommended, Go Motorhoming Europe. Vicarious Books are agents for ACSI, France Passion and distributors of Camperstop Europe. Many other guides are imported from Europe as well as a good selection from the UK.
The guide was compiled and written by the authors of Go Motorhoming Europe, Chris Doree and Meli George who write under the pen name George Doree. They visited 500 of the 600 inspected Aires the remainder being submitted by other experienced and generous motorhomers.

Look Inside the Guide Here

The 'wcforum' discount code is still live so feel free to use it.

Thanks Chris

PS could you use some of this to update your links page?