View Full Version : New Cornwall Council carpark signs (motorhome friendly)

21-09-2011, 00:11
Just returned from a week wilding around in North Cornwall and was surprised to find the new Council carpark signs around Bude have no mention of 'no sleeping' or 'no camping' like they used to have.

There is now a 24hr tariff which varies in price depending on carpark between 4.80 (Summerleaze & The Wharf) and 5.50 (Widemouth). 2845

Unfortunately tickets are not transferable now between their carparks as previously was the case, so don't pay for more hrs than you need:sad:

That said I discovered anomalies with their displayed prices and saved a bit of cash:lol-053: Pay for 1hr (50p) after 5pm on Friday on the Summerleaze carpark and it gives you till 9.15am the next day. I accidentally put in an odd amount, 2.10p instead of 1.90p in the Wharf carpark at about 4.30pm and it gave me a ticket till 11.30 am next morning:lol-053: ...and I repeated this the next day .. what a bargain! Especially as youi can pick up free WiFi from the Falcon Hotel, Brandon Arms or the Adventure Hotel. (some Fon spots too). Some long parking bays behind the fire station which are really quiet, as long as you like ducks.


donkey too
21-09-2011, 06:18
Nice one mate. Also I love duck, but I don't surpose there are any orange trees near by?:bow:

21-09-2011, 06:58
improvise .take a couple with you

oldish hippy
21-09-2011, 09:03
just use a jar of marmalade lol so have it toast in morning feed the crust to the duck to catch one, have on duck in the evening only joking