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donkey too
21-09-2011, 13:17
Was thinking of aproaching a couple of councils with a view to asking them to provide motor home stop sites.
But wondered if I should leave Basilden off the list for the time being or not?:mad1:

21-09-2011, 16:44
Prior to 1994, local authorities had a legal duty to provide sites for travellers. The good ol' Tories repealed that law and instead asked councils to help travellers identify suitable land that they could buy and develop themselves (even though that runs against the whole reason why they're 'travellers' in the first place.) Since then, councils have undermined the policy by continually denying planning permission.

Seems strange, doesn't it, that the 'right' people (i.e. politicians, wealthy landowners, political donors, property developers, Freemasons, etc) can always get planning permission when they need it! Maybe I'm just unduly cynical. ;)

21-09-2011, 17:03
Good luck with getting councils to provide them.

The usual arguments they give against are:

1. Costs money to build/alter/ maintain, and/or clear up the junk after hijacked by travellers

2. Is not directly for the local community (indirect tourist benefits I know) but they have other more pressing projects to allocate available resources towards as requested by local community not by outsiders.

26-09-2011, 21:24
You might find the later posts on this thread revealing as to the views of one particular council...