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22-09-2011, 13:59
I have posted this as a reply under "Scotland Updates but have posted as a new thread since I felt it was important for everyone to read. I suspect there may be input from those who wish us all to use campsites all the time or those who are unaware of what we are self contained
I have just read in this weeks Oban Times about a Lochaber Tourism Group ( Glen Spean and Great Glen) I have copied most of the article
" urging action over uncaring camper van owners who block parking areas and laybys and dump rubbish at beauty spots.They also heard a report that "one camper had even emptied toilets near the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge It was also claimed that a van website lists laybys including some near Loch Lochy where vans could park - although stopping overnight is illegal The group decided to raise their concerns with the community council and Forestry Commissions Scotland "
Margaret and David

22-09-2011, 14:28
I have just sent this as an eamail to the secretary of the Glen Spean and Great Glen Tourism group
As a Motorhome owner I was concerned to read in the Oban Times of your concern over uncaring camper van owners. Fully equipped motorhomes are self contained and do not require the facilities of a campsite every night The vast majority of motorhome owners would not block parking areas and laybys and will arrive late and leave early if staying overnight thus using the laybys while they are not being used by daytime visitors. Of course we need to park during the day like other road users in other locations.
We often will take rubbish away from where we park and would not dump rubbish. It may well be that other users of the laybys dump rubbish. I personally have seen numerous car owners dumping rubbish.
In common with many other motorhome users I make a point of spending money in local shops if I have parked overnight. In France and Germany there are areas allocated in villages for overnight parking of motorhomes since they appreciate that they bring extra business into an area over a long period of time throughout the year.
I hope that you will not judge all camper van owners by the example of the irresponsible few as many enjoy visiting your beautiful area.

22-09-2011, 14:58
When I think about the number of times I have stayed on an aire in a ordinary french village, where parking, rubbish disposal, drinking water and toilet emptying are all free, and I will regularly see a dozen motorhomes and a trail of people carrying bags back to their vans having spent their money in the boulangerie or local greengrocers.

What a difference.

If only the tourist industry would see us in the same way that France does. Another lost revenue opportunity in Oban.


22-09-2011, 15:19
Do these 'Tourism Groups' actually have any evidence of motorhome owners leaving rubbish and emptying chemical toilets, or are they just assuming it is us?
Personally, I think it unfair to publically accuse motorhome owners unless they can prove the point. In which case they should move to prosecute individual cases, or at least name and shame the culprits.

22-09-2011, 15:21
The area is just north of Fort William. Sadly both Fort William and Oban shops get l;ots of custom from Motorhome owners without being motorhome friendly. We live near Oban and it is rare even in winter that there isn't at least 1 motorhome in Tesco car park. Fort William has even more

22-09-2011, 15:36
Problem with this country, even the whole of the UK, there is no vision, councils and tourist boards alike are only interested in milking us for as much as they think they can get away with, with minimum outlay/facilities to themselves.

A few year back I was a STB member, I left when STB increased their fees to silly prices, they closed our local TB office, so taking more, for less return to the hand that feeds them, in fact, STB became a hindrance because of their stupid increase in new rules and regs, I actually got on better without them, they are just another non producing quango, as are councils.

I look forward to retiring to France.................counting the years................unfortunately!!