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27-09-2011, 20:13
This is a concrete level parking area. Its on a public service road to the local tip. Good pub and grub very nearby. Cermerty 2 miles away at Kirby Cross just under the railway bridge with water.

5151'24.03"N 113'27.29"E

The service road is busy during the day but after 5 and before 8 am is pretty dead apart from dog walker parking. Suitable for over 30'

I can send a photo if you want.

Not sure if this is suitable.

Close to Cambridge City centre, 10-15 minutes walk accross Midsummer common.

5212'59.38"N 0 7'11.09"E

It has a home made sign at the top of the road stateing residents and visitors only but nothing official anywhere around.

We parked there to go into town for several hours with no problems even got some hello knodds from the people where we parked.

Inner ringroad also has plenty of free parking on meter zones from 6.30 Saturday Evening to 8.00am Mondays. All very close to the city centre NOT IN THE COACH BAYS THOUGH!!!!!


27-09-2011, 23:50
Thanks for the suggestions - I am hesitant to add the first spot because I think it's a sugar beet loading area. The farmer may not be amused ...

And the second one may also be doubtful - perhaps the residents have found that motorhomes have been outstaying their welcome.

Thoughts anyone?

28-09-2011, 06:45
The Kirby one.

I have been going to the tip there for the last 8 years and never seen any agricultural use of this area. I only ever see cars parked for dog walking. But I see your point.

28-09-2011, 09:48
That's good enough for me - I've added it to the POI database.

Thanks :)


05-07-2012, 13:06
Hi all
I called in at the lane that goes to the kirby le soken recycling center on tuesday. Just to let you know the recycling center is closed tuesday and wednesdays with a gate across the lane.


05-07-2012, 13:49
Does that mean the POI is inaccessible on those two days?

01-10-2012, 17:06
Does that mean the POI is inaccessible on those two days?

I think this migh just as ell be struck from the list. Access is now restricted by a coded gate. Apparently it's to stop fly tipping at the tips gates when it's shut.

Now it just gets fly tipped elsewhere I expect!

01-10-2012, 17:37
Removed :(