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17-10-2011, 22:10
Taking my better half to a Donkey sanctuary near Buxton at the weekend and I think I will make a full day of it and stop overnight .

I have located a likely site ( near a pub ) 53.112169,-1.48344 .

Has anyone been here ?


Ignore those co ordinates They are wrong
This is the address of the pub and the proposed camping spot is on the car park on the Tissington trail a short walk away

Derbyshire, Buxton SK17 9QJ (The Royal Oak)

( note to oneself " learn to use map co ordinates in Google " )


17-10-2011, 23:57
I think you will, unfortunately, find that the bylaws posted at the car park you mention prohibit camping and sleeping in vehicles overnight.

I have checked several of the other car parks along the trail, not this one, and overnighting isn't permitted.

Why not stop in the pub car park? Having asked first of course :)

18-10-2011, 06:10
Try the Anglers Rest at Millers Dale ,big car park next to river just call in first

16-11-2011, 00:08
Goyt Valley

Stopped here last Friday 53.263321,-1.985197

BTW a one way road from Errwood Resevoir running southerley towards the A537


16-11-2011, 00:24
Thanks for the suggestion - I've added it to the POI downloads :)



16-11-2011, 08:07
I spotted that one in the Goyt, very private but near where the one way road starts there is a forestry commission sign which reads Goyt Forest - Managed by the Forestry Commission - No Overnight Stays. it can be seen here
53 16 40.72 1 58 52.17

I decided to stay at the LR Errwood car park and had no problems - apart from the midges.

16-11-2011, 10:22
Thanks for the info, Mike.

I've removed it based on that update - shame ...



29-08-2012, 17:39
Just visited today -the car park at 53.270654,-1.983065 has no signs restricting overnight parking etc. You can confirm this on google streetview

The road becomes one way at the is point southbound and closed at summer weekends. There are NO signs restricting overnight parking on this stretch and an ideal location would be at 53.258087,-1.98458

BTW the carpark at the southern end -Derbyshire Bridge -definitely has a sign restricting overnight parking.

In summer months the road is restricted (closed) at weekends so you might have to stay put if you arrive on a Friday.

Chris I personally would recommend re-inclusion unless 'mikeandhismotorhome' can substantiate his comment as I suspect he is refering to the car park further north (at the dam end) which is managed by the forestry boys and states clearly no overnighting.


29-08-2012, 21:15
This is confusing ...

Both car parks are manged by Forest Enterprise - the northern one prohibits 'overnight stays', but the southern one does not carry the same sign at its entry.

I think it likely that if one is restricted, the other one will be too ...

The Derbyshire Bridge location had no signage a while ago - I went to check. Are the signs new?

30-08-2012, 08:44
it may be confusing but that is the way it is signed. Could it be that the southern park is less busy?

Talking to a ranger at Torside Longdendale car park several of the car parks in the national park have been 'upgraded' to pay and display recently -think this is the case at the Bridge.

Generally the ranger -off the record said that one / two motorhomes spending one night would not be a problem particularly out of peak times. The signage is there to give a legal base should you misbehave. They are paranoid about groups of travellers and also for the classic old camper van that parks for several days.

Anyway dont forget in the post a location was listed midway between the southern carpark and the Bridge park and there is no signage there.

Personally I would have no qualms about spending a night on any of the carparks listed at the national park website........ and over the past weeks have done so. The rangers have been courteous, welcoming and couldn't be further from the classic British jobsworth that is supposed to rule many carparks.

30-08-2012, 13:12
Thanks Ian.

Were there Pay & Display machines at Derbyshire Bridge?

I'll add the two 'unsigned' locations.



30-08-2012, 15:11

I didn't notice -there was a land rover blocking part of the view of the car park and surprise surprise is was raining!!!!

BTW another interesting source of info -you probably know it - is Find Parking, Car Parks, Street Parking, Private Garages - Book Parking - Parkopedia (http://en.parkopedia.co.uk/)


13-07-2014, 19:22
Friden carpark on the High Peak Trail just of the A515 at Newhaven has no overnight parking restrictions and is on the trail.I use it now and againwith no problems!!