View Full Version : This is me on a tv show from 04, its often repeated now on sky n cable :-)

18-10-2011, 11:38
had to split it into 4 pieces
at the time had to sign a to sign a waiver saying if i hurt or injured myself i couldnt sue them etc. and anything heavy or i was struggling with, someone else did it and was well edited. was fun, i was high as a kite most of the time as i was eating my meds like smarties :-)

worst home one_0001.wmv - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB84HODM0Iw)

worst home one_0002.wmv - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdi4R7JabnI)

worst home one_0003.wmv - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qT1w_dwS05o)

worst home one_0004.wmv - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQhovfykprM)

quientin wilsson is a cool guy, nothing like the snobby git he comes across on tv, met him a few times and we always have a chat. a decent down to earth person really.

18-10-2011, 12:11
Excellent!....so you're infamous then cooljules!......you know on a serious note, there would be people who would
pay an admission fee just to say they'd seen the house that was on TV....I'd certaintly pay a 5 to visit....I'd love to
see the Goth house, and the dragon lady's pad in particular lol....am I sad? I'm certainly open to new experiences...
love to be able to say been there seen that!

off to watch the rest of it lol!

18-10-2011, 12:38
On the 3rd part now lol....this is really most entertaining mate.....you are definitely an individual thinker!

What an interesting world we live in.

Excellent show....liked the room.....worth watching!
(so did your house improve?)

oldish hippy
18-10-2011, 16:10
there r to many round peg in round holes some of us do have to be square pegs live how u want to live not how society want or expects u to livethats my philophy good on you jules

18-10-2011, 17:13
Nice one Jules:king:


18-10-2011, 22:23
that was excellent CJ. Very entertaining. Did you put your DIY skills and vouchers to good use after?

Where was Arthur, he would have boosted the ratings?:heart:


18-10-2011, 23:58
that was excellent CJ. Very entertaining. Did you put your DIY skills and vouchers to good use after?

Where was Arthur, he would have boosted the ratings?:heart:


watch the first one again, when im laid on the bed, arthurs laid next to me :-)

i didnt understand a word of that book, or the huge amount on the shelf. as i have dyslexia, so might have well been in chinese lol. i just liked old computers and hated throwing anything away :-)

i was brought up by my old grandparents, with a attitude never throw anything away, a screw, a useful peice of card etc.etc.

a lot of the show, i had a bottle of water, drink etc, due to the side effects on the meds. lol. so needed to pee sooooooooooo many times.

the shop, where i look in the mirrors, buy things etc, was filmed in er...clapham. i had left my hair gell, hairspray etc at the hotel, and i had a girl, about 18 who would fetch me coffee, food, anything i needed, as its a long boring thing waiting for you 'shoot' hehe. so i asked her to go n get me some stuff from a chemist, she came back with designer gells, like 7quid for a tiny amount (where i had tesco 30p hair gell!) etc.

i totally forgot about the price at the end....slipped my mind. i had the whole crew laughing, needed retakes etc, as i would come out with comments and everyone burst out. they said they had a huge amount of out takes....i didnt know when i was mic'd up, even if i wasnt filming that second, i was being recorded, and the sound and camera man would just start smirking, as they could hear the comments i was just making to myself, or my sister.....

i had never heard of justin and colin before, so i had nooooooooooooooo idea who they were, one of them took a shine to me, the one in the fancy suits....

it was filmed in late 04, shown in that oct. been repeated a good few hundred times (and sold around the world, im a huge hit in denmark!)

they decided not to show all my collection of snakes, spiders, scorps, lizards etc etc. and use the goths womans', when we all met for the first time in london (i was the only one to get a hire car, although everyones trains etc were paid for as i have trouble with mobilit) her boyfriend started showing everyone old spider skins etc showing off......my sister told me to say something, and after 10 min of his bragging, showing off etc, i put him in his place (i spent 15 years rescuing and giving advice on reptiles etc, done schools, museums etc, until2 years ago when i was seriousy ill)

maggie, the royalist, was nice, but batty as a fruit cake.

filmed over 3 days in london. i really enjoyed it, it wasnt the first time i was on tv, i was on deals on wheels in 98, when i was selling a car (thats a laugh too!), its on video and dont know how to get it onto a pc. that still gets shown now and again.......people still say i look the same!

trying to get on a tv show at the moment, with my dogs. i love being on tv. although its long hours, hanging around etc etc...... :-)

oh they didnt explain, a week before they came to my house, the kitchen flooded so was in a mess waiting to be redone. and i guess, they try and make you out to be a little worse on tv, than you are in real life........for effect etc.

im straight, but have a load of gay mates, and now and again pop down to a gay club for a drink n chat (and its a cool place to meet straight girls!!! gay guys have nice sisters lol). and they had it on the bar tv as it was shown, and cos of justin and colin, they all got jealous. colin can be a bit of a bitch!!! lol.

oh the prize money.............i dont lie, i spent on 3 HUGE mirrors and lots of green paint and plants!!!!! yes thats true :-)