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28-10-2011, 19:59
Been out and about this week and found these and offer them for consideration.

Upware Village Cambridgshire

5218'23.88"N 015'17.23"E

This is an EA car park, no barriers, no (no this or that signs) nice flat grass are, very quiet main road. There is a water point on the mooring around the corner but this requires an EA key


Ely Close to the City centrer

5223'47.12"N 016'23.77"E

This is heavily ramped access road to a Council car park. It has BIG speed humps so passing traffic is very slow. This is a road with a 4 hour restriction but no restriction between 6pm and 8am so a maximum of 18 hours with a 2 hour return period. Very close by is a elsan disposal point and water point for the moorings. For these you will need an EA key. I have moored my boat in this area many times and have never seen this road full for parking as most people use the free car park at the end. The free car park has length and height restrictions but no barrier so could be good for MH under 5.3m long ans 2.5m high.

This is only a very short walk from the city centre and waterfront.



5219'39.64"N 140'22.16"E

Unrestricted parking area for the heath and common area. 5 bars of 3 3G access. Nice and level. Short walk to the town centre.

28-10-2011, 22:42
Thanks for these suggestions - I've added the first two to the POI downloads ... The third has already been added.



28-10-2011, 23:28
The third on my db is on the waterfront. Mine is about a mile away and a lot more salubrious. The waterfront in Southwould is a bit, well, er, ****e.

Maybe my POI is out of date. We did follow an old ( clasic of some sort) VW with a custom body to that poi but decided it wasn't for us. They didn't stop there either.

Btw. Southwold has plenty of "no sleeping, no cooking, no bla bla bla signs too".

29-10-2011, 03:59
Southwold is as bad as Aldeburgh these days

29-10-2011, 09:30
Was going to give Albright a try one weekend. Any wild suggestions?

07-05-2012, 15:46
Went to the Ely spot today (in the car) to have a look while visiting a friend.

Wouldn`t recommend this location to owners of vehicles larger than transit van size. I followed the sat nav & willow walk is quite narrow, tried the other route out & it was only marginally better. Shame as it was a nice place by the river.