View Full Version : A free spot to overnight in Brugge

Mike F.
12-12-2004, 17:16
If you are ever in Brugge and looking for a spot to spend the night FREE, follow signs for the main bus terminal, directly opposite it is a free parking area specifically for motorcaravans. It has about 20 marked out and tarmaced (long) bays. There are no hook-ups but I think there is water. It is a 3 minute walk thought the park into the main town. Safe and ideally located.

Have a look at the map shown on the following website: http://www.bruges.to/map.htm the parking area is shown at the very bottom of the map.

If you are heading back to the tunnel or to catch a ferry, Brugge makes a great stopping off point not too far from the ferries. But get there reasonably early if you want to guarentee a free space.

Mike F.