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24-11-2011, 15:55
whats goin on at mogs eye???

24-11-2011, 16:05
Last time I visited Moggs (early in November) they were trying to erect a height barrier to stop 'Travellers' using the site. The Guys who use the place are as you can imagine not that chuffed about it and are trying to get the work either halted or stopped altogether. It will be a great shame if they do erect the barrier as its a cracking site right next to the sea and over the numerous times I have used it never had any problems and the regulars that are there are always polite and very helpful.

Lets hope the local busy bodies dont get their way and the site stays barrier free

24-11-2011, 18:23
Hi all,

I've just come back ( today ), from 2 nights at Huttoft and I called in at Moggs Eye to have a look. There are pillars for a gate and height bar at the end of the track just before the toilets as you approach the parking area, but no gate or bars have been fitted yet.

The gate to the grass area is open and there are three or four of the "regulars" at the end of the grass area. It may be that they kicked up a stink and the contractors just put in the pillars and left it at that.

It will be a shame if they do put the height bar on as its a really good place to spend a weekend by the sea.

Anyway, that's how it is now, what the new year will bring is anyone's guess.

Hope this is useful to you all. :) :)