View Full Version : Fishing at Ferrybridge

28-11-2011, 11:03
Hi guys

Anyone know if you can get away with overnight parking/sleeping at the large carpark at Ferrybridge this time of year? I know the summer is a huge no-no....just wondering if people would turn a blind eye during the winter season?

Hubby wants to do a spot of fishing off the beach there but don't know where we can park the van?

Thanks for any ideas:dance:

Diane myring
14-09-2015, 15:18
Hi, I live in Weymouth and the ferrybridge pub has closed down for refurbish, across the road in the boat yard I often see motorhomes in there, don't know it you have to pay in there

14-09-2015, 18:14
If you're talking about the big pay car park then, yes there is a "no sleeping" notice. This is usually ignored by the vans that stay overnight on a pretty regular basis. As per usual, if you stay tucked away at the far end and don't over do it with awnings etc no one should bother you.