View Full Version : Corsica & Sardinia vs Sandiago de Compostella, Porto & Deuro Valley?

30-11-2011, 16:12
Thinking about next September/October. Any advice gratefully received!
Will be away for about 6 weeks from mid September. France will be the early focus - we did not spend enough time there last year but then we would go either East or West. Have read some bad reports about wilding in Corsica. Does anyone have any experience? I gather Sardinia is better, but I would be happy to hear some views first hand.
Last time we were in N Spain (Oct/Nov 2010) weather improved only when we went East. What would we expect in N W Spain and N Portugal in late September and October? Presumably it is wetter and cooler than Med?
Although we will go where the weather is, at the time, it would be good to hear some experiences in both areas

John H
30-11-2011, 16:25

Can't help with Corsica or Sardinia but we were in Galicia and Portugal last year from the end of September to the end of October and the weather was mostly good. However, we did have two or three days of very bad wind and rain at the very beginning of October. As a rule, you are right - it is wetter, cooler and windier than the Med but at that time of year you should get a fair amount of decent weather. And the Galician coast, the Duero Valley and the mountains of northern Portugal with its medieval-style of life in remote villages are great whatever the weather. Have a good trip