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01-12-2011, 17:13

My first wild camping spot! Had no netbook then so it was just a wild guess driving down this road and hoping to find somewhere. It's a sort of layby/ car park, and I checked thoroughly for any signs prohibiting anything I intended to do there!
We were the only people actually camping there (mid July), although at various times through the evening it got quite busy with people pulling in and out, and I suspect that if it gets overused the owners of the (rather expensive) houses across the road will start to put in complaints. Those of a sensitive disposition, or who have children whom they have decided are better off without any sex education, and don't like answering their questions, might prefer to avoid this stop, since it seems mostly to be frequented by couples pulling up and going into the woods for romantic walkabouts or other activities,and those of them who were less discrete than others had left some of the evidence just inside the woods.

Whilst on that topic, I should warn the punter who seemed to have a problem with another location because he was worried about what his children might see that some of that seems to go on at Portishead Esplanade: when we camped there a couple of months later (i.e. early September) little cars full of little (as in age-challenged) people kept pulling up until late. It seems to be a place where the local young people (well as least those them who have access to cars) hang out. However, I took a walk along the esplanade on my own to explore and was a little surprised to realise what one young couple in a car were doing! (Unless, of course, he thinks whether or not it's OK for his children to witness all this kind of stuff is dependent on the sexes of the participants!). However, I felt quite safe walking along on my own (though I did have the back up of having my son back in the van that time should anything have happened), and not remotely threatened by any of the young people around (even if they did give me funny looks like "what are you doing here?"!).

01-12-2011, 18:59
Thanks for the submission - I've added it to the POI Downloads :)