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donkey too
12-12-2011, 08:52
two car parks owned by the parish church who say OK for motorhome stopovers Free but no services.
Park Street Car paRK 51.952549, 0.343749
Balford street car park, 51.953854, 0.340425

These are not near the church so no worry of getting preached to. Though I think RT could benefit from some good Blood and Fire Talk.:lol-053:

12-12-2011, 11:09
These two car parks are operated by the Parish Council, they are keen to encourage visitors and have indeed said that motorhomes may park overnight as long as the privilege is not abused.

The main car park in the village, in Margaret Street, is operated by the local district council and motorhomes may not stay overnight there at the moment, although I believe that the parish council is trying to take over it's operation.


donkey too
12-12-2011, 15:55
This is one way forward. I shall add this to my folio to present to uour district council in the hew year.

12-12-2011, 18:27
Thanks Donkey - I've added the two you list to the POI Downloads :)



28-02-2013, 08:57
A positive update to the Thaxted location!

I've heard from my contact that the Parish Council have taken over the operation of the Margaret Street Car Park, they have put in dedicated motorhome parking bays and allow stays of up to 48 hours in any 14 day period. Free. Toilets available 8am - 5pm

I'm told that the motorhome bays are where the skips used to be, here: 51.955774,0.343092 - Google Maps (http://goo.gl/maps/pa8k8)

Now that there is a dedicated motorhome parking area they've asked for motorhomes to use it rather than the Park Street and Balford Street car parks.