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23-12-2011, 15:06
Possibly not the brightest cookie it's taken me three times of looking to find out how to say hi to everyone.
I came across this site when I was looking for a specific green lane in Derbyshire & have been quite taken with the friendly chattty groupiness I found here. Got round to paying some fees as times are hard & I'm sure running a site ain't exactly cheap.
I was tempted by the meet at Farndon, already had plans for that weekend but will try to make time to meet people at some future point.
I own a Ford Transit 2 litre petrol pinto engined welfare bus that I bought from ebay for 900. It's a great size but pretty basic inside having currently a ply made bed & donated desk with an old Belling camper cooker bolted to the top. Needs some work to the outside now too due to some fool deciding to park his car in it a fortnight ago.
My first choice of outside venue has to be a music festival especially if they're contributing in some way to the local community, not your big ones just little friendly events. 2nd to this Derbyshire isn't too far & is full of lovely countryside & hide aways. I found the joys of Goyt Valley last summer & went back there for most of a month.
If my postings are sporadic, which is very likely, it's down to my work as an NHS ambulance driver interfering massively with my social life. I'm starting tonight for four 12hr nights, off three then back for three days over new year, one off & back three nights. Rough but strangely compelling as a job.
With that I'll wish you all well for the festivities. Remember that if you eat a huge dinner & stand up quickly you're likely to go down just as quick, lots of our work at weekends & Christmas is due to this so take your time & enjoy your hols. Dougie

23-12-2011, 16:54
welcome Doogie - could be useful to have a medic on the site sometimes :lol-049:

23-12-2011, 18:08
welcome doogie have a safe christmas may see you sometime new year cheers john and shakey jackey

23-12-2011, 19:23
Pleased to meet you Doogie! |We
also have a home-made Van! It's a Ducato LWB panel van that we have 'adapted' - it ain't posh but it gets us out and about for weekends (so far) around North Wales where we live! Merry Christmas to you and happy-camping lol

Sue & Mike

23-12-2011, 19:34
Hi and Welcome
and Merry Christmas


23-12-2011, 21:16
Hi Doogie,

Nice to meet you! It's a pity that you missed the gather at Fardon, as it was really good, and a great opportunity to put faces to the names you often see on here. Hope you will be able to make the next one!!

We don't get up your way very often, as Cornwall is a long way from everywhere, but we hope to get to the Peak District next year, so I have noted what you said about Goyt Valley and will put it on the list of must-sees!

Maybe we will meet up one day; in the meantime have a great Christmas!


24-12-2011, 00:51
Hi and Welcome Doogie!! :wave:

I don't worry too much about what vans we use, as long as they get us to where we want to be and let us spend a few nights (or more) away. You can always add a few more comforts or luxuries as you go along. I thought you might have been tempted to convert an old ambulance?

Shame about having to work over Xmas. Maybe you could take a gas stove along and use it as a camper between calls (no need to worry about the oxy or entonox on board of course!)

All the best for Christmas, take all the happiness you can from it!