View Full Version : Dog Friendly Beaches - La Rochelle/Royan area.

30-12-2011, 21:40
We are planning a trip to France next June, going down from Calais to La Rochelle, then on to Royan, stopping off here & there on the way. We' re taking our Golden Retriever ( we always do!) and as she loves the water so much, are wondering what the rules are in france with regard to dogs on beaches. I've been googling but not found anything as yet.
Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated, as would comments from anyone who has visited that area as our plans are open to change! Thanks in anticipation, and Happy New Year to all.

30-12-2011, 21:47
I can't be precise, however nearly every French motorhome that we park by has at least one dog, therefore I doubt you will have any problem.
Possibly better to stay at the end of a beach and possibly not pick the nice sandy ones.
I certainly would not worry, just watch what the French do.

30-12-2011, 21:53
Similar to some of the UK beaches - No dogs from say July to Sept or prohibited from
the main sunbathing/swimming parts of the beach.

They have plenty of signs up and as said follow the French lead, forgive the pun.

31-12-2011, 14:15
Thanks for that. I guess we will do as you say and watch the French. Who knows,,we may not even make it down that far - depends on the weather and what we find along the way!

31-12-2011, 16:04
We no longer have our dog but have never had a problem finding a beach. The ones where no dogs are permitted are well signed and look like a NO ENTRY sign with a dog or dog's head silhouetted inside.

If you went a little further south (ferry from Royan) to Euronat it has a massively long beach divided into dog/no dog designated parts. However it is naturist camping (dogs and humans!)

PS There is a very pleasant Aire at La Bree Les Bains on Ile d'Oleron. Plenty of space, still free I think. Lots of beaches. Last visited Sept. PM me if you want more infos.

31-12-2011, 19:38
Thanks for that Fairytooth. Think I might give the naturist camp a widish berth tho. Not keen on trying to avert my eyes from dangly bits, and don't want mine on show either:raofl:l! I've just googled Oleron and it looks good so will certainly be trying that aire.

18-01-2012, 22:43
I knew every question i had regarding our upcoming road trip would be answered on this site:) We are travelling from the Uk down to Andorra for 4 weeks in June and will also be travelling with a dog, our lab Marley and i was going to ask about staying places with him and whether he could go on the beaches as he adores the water as well. Thankyou everyone here my questions are answered without even needing to ask them LOL