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18-12-2004, 21:21
Hello all, just joined group,
After 15 years of caravanning finally got back to motor caravanning,
"just stop and put the kettle on, No more faffing about reversing and all that levelling" :June 1st got a 2001 auto-sleeper Ravenna on a 2.8 HDI Peugeot, we have been members CCCF The Caravnners and Campers Christian Fellowship for the last 20 years, and camp on average 150 nights a year, 85 in the Ravenna since June.
Also members of the motorhome-list@yahoogroups.com
and the Spanish motor home group, autocaravanas@yahoogroups.com
both excellent groups.
Looking forward to some wild camping in Scotland next year so Roi if we can tie it in with your wedding we will be there, it sounds like it will be just great.

You most probably guessed Val & Me are retired hence all the camping.


19-12-2004, 23:28
me too mate but not voluntarily.
glad to welcome you to wildcamping on behalf of everyone. hope you are able to use some of the places listed. and are able to give us some suggestions for new places too.
we will be glad to see you in may and we hope it will be something special to remember. if you have never been to a ceileidh then it will. we see these people play every year at dunoon and they are fantastic musicians. they play for fun and it shows.
i just hope they will all make it. 3 years ago we heard an angel sing, she sang in gaelic and was the best voice i have heard. and it is hoped she will be there.
we are both looking forward to meeting people we have only talked to on-line.
and there are some fabulous places to wild camp in scotland with amazing views to wake up to.
i used to use a tent to wildcamp. now i got "Blodwen"