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19-12-2004, 22:20
To travel also in south europe is a dark blue camper adequate? I'm thinking of the heat, obviously. People use to say dark colours in cars concentrate the heat. Is it so?

19-12-2004, 23:03
dark colours do not reflect the heat away so they do tend to be warmer. having said all that, a camper is insulated to keep heat in. it would also have the effect of keeping heat out from the outside of the van.
you are lucky to have that problem while we all huddle round a little gas fire.

20-12-2004, 21:24
Yeah we have that problem 3 months a year. Now it's been pretty cold, 0 to 9 ยบ celsius. :blink:
The insulation matters but does anybody know to quantify how many degrees makes the difference between a white and a dark camper when parked in the sun?
I know this is a bizarre question and I've been to several forums in 4 languages trying to find a reasonable answer for a question that seems easy but has got many variables.

21-12-2004, 20:13
you would need a scientist to tell you that. the variables are ;
1 the actual colour of the white and the dark
2 the insulation
3 the strength of the sun.
a slight difference in the white will make a difference in the heat absorbtion rate as would the condition of the paint surface.
the amount of insulation and the type would have to be known.
the strength of the sun varies contantly
taking all that inot acount i can't see that anyone has actually studied this. the only people who may have the answers are the people who make the coachbuilt vans. i suggest you try them.
good luck

21-12-2004, 21:13
Thanks Roifrom!
I won't bother a scientist but your opinion adds something to the subject.