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24-01-2012, 01:10
I've a few of interest here.

The first is actually on the A429. North of the village of Treddington is a roundabout where the A3400 and the A429 cross. If you take the A429 for a short distance and on the left hand side when you are heading southbound there is a raised area there to stop and park. It does have a bit of a view and does get frequented by lorries because it is on a trunk road.

The entrance from the north on G/SV is here: on avon, warwickshire - Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/ep2sh) and the aerial view being this: Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/sgr2t)

The second site is a fair bit off the main road, but that would only mean less traffic? It is in a more quieter area with fields all around and large enough to take about 50 lorries!!! However, it's rarely used except during the busy season.

Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/sfwpb) is aerial view, and this one is S/V Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/tg7yz) Although I'm not sure if that council wagon is flytipping there ;) It is on a road between Ilmingstone and Darlingscott and is between Illmington Road and Armscote Road.

On the other side (eastern) of Shipston on Stour, on the A4035 towards Upper Brailes there is a turning on the left (towards U/B) that is also sizable, with views over the countryside.

The big white space at Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/fd44g) and on the junction facing the patch Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/4dz22)

Within Shipston there are few places that I have spotted, it is quite a 'close' and compact village/town, however I have observed others parking with camper vans up at Tilemans Lane industrial estate.

If you come down the A429 and pass the layby I mentioned first, then at the cross roads turn left into Darlingscott road (there are warnings and flashing lights due to it being a speed route). Follow the road along, over a hill and as you crest you will see on the left some large buildings. That is at the corner of the estate. As you desecend the hill there will be a left turn (easy to miss) before the speed bumps. Follow the road straight ahead. It bears to the left and down to the town but if you go straight ahead there is an unrestricted parking area there, and it is facing the builders merchant there.

G/E doesn't even have it showing as developed, but it is. Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/t7zz8) GSV shows the newly built building but doesn't go down there. It is there in the distance in front of you. Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/xunbk)

Once you are there, then it is not long to walk down into the town for the usuals ;)

And finally, if you are heading north from Shipston, keep to the A429 when it crosses the A3400, then pass Halford and at the next (weird) roundabout keep left and stay on the A429.

Not far up the road is a road bearing off on the left in a gradual turn. It is a layby with a road leading off in the middle, but there is space to overnight there. Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/d68j6) and Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/xenn9) on the layby junction.

The final one is just on the outskirts of Stratford upon Avon. At the roundabout with Shipston Road A3400, A4390 Trinity Way or Seven Meadows road there is, just before the RAB, a pull-in area. If you reverse in you can get two MHs nose to tail, or one lorry :D with space ;) without blocking the access. Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/w35sk) and a4390 - Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/pqvha)

I hope this has been helpful ;)

24-01-2012, 06:50
I can confirm that the first two sites mentioned are excellent having used both several times over the past 20+ years for overnighting.

Dezi :pc:

24-01-2012, 13:24
Thanks for these suggestions - I've added all except the last to the POI Downloads. (I don't usually add places which might cause access restrictions.)


Chris :)