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24-01-2012, 12:59
There are a few places on this road to stop overnight, some better than others. If you want the views, then you are more likely to want to stop in the mountainous range area than in sheltered parts.

I've put this down in the Ceredigion thread but this road does cross the boundary from Powys, but it seems easier this way.

Before the Llangurig roundabout coming from Newtown is an offroad pull-in area, I am not sure if it can be counted but I have rested for a few hours in this before

Street View (http://g.co/maps/h3k44) and Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/ntxc3)

Between Llangurig and Ponterwyd, heading to the latter there are a series of decent sized laybys

Google Maps, Westbound A44, on Right (http://g.co/maps/qjt25) and Street View (http://g.co/maps/k8xb7)

Google Maps, Westbound A44, on Left (http://g.co/maps/566u4) and Street View (http://g.co/maps/emgf2)

Google Maps, Westbound A44, on Right (http://g.co/maps/7sbwt) and Street View (http://g.co/maps/d4725)

Google Maps, Westbound, A44, on Left (http://g.co/maps/qpqzv) and Street View (http://g.co/maps/5udts)
This one has parking for a forestry area down that road and there is also a Roman Fort at SN823818, the others side of the road, and the river is called Afon Tarrenig, probably hence the name on the board. There seems to be room to park there at the roadside, but further investigation is probably warranted.

Google Maps, Westbound A44, on Left (http://g.co/maps/8eywq) and Street View (http://g.co/maps/pg3gz)

Google Maps, Westbound A44, on Left before Ceredigion (http://g.co/maps/bw8fv)

Google Maps, Westbound A44, on Left just into Ceredigion (http://g.co/maps/545kr) and this is looking eastbound in Street View (http://g.co/maps/98q4s). This is access to forestry ground too. I've not found that gate to be locked in the last decade I have used this route but it might be worth considering parking down there. The further into the valley towards the bend, the less traffic noise you get :D :D

There is quite a network of roads and farms down that road so it might be kept open for access for them as well.

Not far before Ponterwyd, there is a road that branches off from the A44, the B4343 and it is labelled towards Devils Bridge. There is some parking available down just off the main road and there are also some old tin works and mines up in that area too
Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/tyv7w) and S/V from the junction (http://g.co/maps/23crb) and in the parking area (http://g.co/maps/prsqd)

Once you are in Ponterwyd, if you are heading into the hills towards Nant y Moch dam, then you need to take care which road you use. There is a road on the right just inside the village that is the best one. However, the one after the bridge on the right before the main garage takes up to more of the forestry area. There are decent parking spaces, overnighting spaces in both places but the first road is more exposed and the second road has more under-cover of trees. Hopefully I'll do another post of those at some point.

There are a variety of rights of way in this area that also include routes that have vehicular access but a lot have been downgraded to restricted byways, bridleways and footpaths.

If you pass by Ponterwyd and the Red Kite cafe (on left) there is a Forestry visitors centre on the right called 'Nant yr Arian' here (http://g.co/maps/urp72). There is on-road parking overnight here too There used to be a locked gate preventing vehicles from passing through but it looks open now. There are forestry tracks that lead up to other parking areas further on but I think that would require a bit more planning and inspection. When I was last there they didn't allow vehicles, but things may be in the works as it seems the Byway open to all traffic was closed in error on that route and misclassified.

Carrying on towards Aberystwyth and there is another large pull in area on the right hand side here (http://g.co/maps/9raqh).

Following the road on, when you reach Capel Bangor village, on the left are signs pointing to the Rheidol Hydro power station. ISTR there were a few nice overnighting places down there but I haven't been in a while, I'll try and look next time I'm over that way. If the track is followed to the far end it comes out in an open space hewn out of forest. It was kept open, as there was a vehicle ROW that went over the hillside and descended onto the main A44 between Ponterwyd and Capel Bangor.

Hope this helps ;)

I don't have means right now in front of me to check that any of these are already in the database, but at least this would give a guide of places that I know of and have stopped at, and are on tarmac. I can probably list places too that are off-tarmac and how much 4x4 you need to access those sites ;)

24-01-2012, 19:33
Fanastic selection of places which I've added to the POI Downloads.

Thank you :) :)