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20-12-2004, 06:43

Spend some time relaxing in Finca-PrivatGarten !

Surrounded by orange orchards just 500 metres from Denia’s ‘Las Marinas’ sand beach, Finca-PrivatGarten is a peaceful green oasis. 2 spots for individual campers, just 500m from the sea, walking distance from shopping

Between October and May there are 2 sunny camping spaces available (app. 6x8m. and 7x8m.) with electrical hook-up, suitable for small sunny camping spaces. A bathroom/shower house with hot running water is also available for your use. Finca-PrivatGarten is a place for people looking for peace and quiet. Ideal for a relaxing holiday or a short Stop-over. More information tel: 0034 966 474 953

20-12-2004, 19:52
I take it that this is an advert? or are you offering it as a free of charge?

29-12-2004, 19:08
Yes, indeed. It's not free, ypu have to pay for example 9,50 € für two persons / 1 night, all included.

02-01-2005, 16:12
As a general guide the cost of camping Villasol in Benidorm is 17.50 euros plus 2.50 euros for electric per night unless you negociate a longer stay with the management (as from Nov 2004)

07-01-2005, 14:10
Hi Weeshuey

i also priced the sites in benidorm in Sept and it worked out cheaper or the same renting a cheapo appartment over the winter


23-11-2006, 00:35
some of you guys are realy cheering me up, { not }we toyed with the idea of buying a villa in spain but did,nt want to be stuck to one place, so we came up with the brill idea of our c\van, freedom of the road and all that, up to yet were finding a 50\50 success rate, some sites we go on are expensive, toilets dirty, overcrowded. the idea of wildcamping appeals for obviuse reasons, the freedom the scenery, yet we find these little gems ellusive, were looking forward to going abroad where were told sites are cheap and wildcamping is in abundance. if this isnt the case we,d rather stop on a site with a nice ambience and a pool to relax in, but 17.50 euros a nite dos,nt seem a good deal to me,

lady barnet
23-11-2006, 12:07
i apologise if i am out of order here but i find it really annoying when people sneak adverts for business on websites like this.

mrs meeke

Black dog
23-11-2006, 13:15
I agree. This guy is a spammer - 3 posts, all advertising the same thing.

I don't mind commercial posts in non-commercial forums, if:

the poster is an established and regular contributor (in a sense, they give as much as they get)
the poster has the manners to make a polite request of the group first
the post is clearly marked "advert" or similar

These posts fulfil none of these, and should not be here.

23-11-2006, 16:43
wild camping = free camping or am i missing somthing here