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31-01-2012, 14:36
Hi there

We've been motor-homing for 18 months in our beloved Talbot Highwayman 'Daisy'- but never really done much wild camping. Unfortunately we've had to part exchange Daisy due a rather large water ingress problem *sob* therefore we are picking up our new Ravenna next week *YAY!*

We've decided to be brave and book 10 days in the Hebrides in April with the intention of wild camping as much as poss and making the most of our lovely new facilities onboard, not to mention our new rear lounge! :)

We are going from Ullapool to Stonoway and working our way south. We've downloaded the POI and are very excited looking through them on google earth!

One thing that we are slightly worried about though is how/where we can get water from. We are totally new to this in England, and although we did the aires/FP in France last summer we were never too worried as France seemed to do motorhoming well and provided lots of taps and waste points here there and everywhere!

Any tips on where to find water and also waste points would be much appreciated!

Thanks everso much

Lydia, Keith and Bluebell the motorhome!

31-01-2012, 16:46
It really is fairly easy. I have done 18 scottish Islands now and a fair bit of wilding up there. Generally there are often public loos and sometimes they have outside taps. Garages often have them as well. Emptying the loo in public loos is ok IMO as long as you dont make a mess. If your really struggling just pop on a campsite for a night. Some will even let you use their facilities for a few quid although we did get turned away on the Isle of Arran once at the Campsite at Lochranza when he found out we were wilding but if you dont ask you dont get.

Some great places to wild but I think there have been a few issues on from memory Barra and Bernaray but I cant remember what they were. Someone will be along to remind me hopefully. We found the locals very friendly and often told us where to park up.

Have fun

31-01-2012, 17:43
Where to get water is a question that comes up many times ...

Do a search for 'water' and you should uncover a lot of the previously given advice.

Cemeteries are always a good bet - one might say a dead cert :)

Glad that the POI Download is proving a useful planning tool for your trip - have fun!



31-01-2012, 17:51
One of my favourite trips ever was our 17 days in the Hebbrides, wilding every night in some of the most beautiful and natural places in the world. We obtained our water supplies as and when we could from garages, churchyards, harbours, village halls, golf clubs (we spent 4 nights by the beach on South Uist Golf Course - we asked, the said yes and it was wonderful). You should also be able to get water from the ferry ports. The people were lovely so if you ask politely, you may at least be pointed in the right direction. The only problem we found was the cost of food, so stock up. We stopped for meals and drinks here and there and attended two Highland games to compensate for our free overnight stops. Hope you have a wonderful time. :boat:

31-01-2012, 18:49
As above, ferry port, other harbours/marina around the area. Seamans Mission (if there is one?) are good for various facilities too, normally a small charge is required.


31-01-2012, 18:53
Oh and if you run out of booze on a Sunday dont expect 24 hour Tescos and the like. On a boys trip we were empty Sunday Morning on I think North Uist. We were told by a local of one shop that would be open for one hour for booze on a Sunday at the other end of the Island. When we got there there was a queue of locals. It was like supermarket sweep when they opened the doors in the booze isle.

At the top end of Berneray we camped in the pitch blackness. A VW and a tent. It was blowing a gale and we couldnt see anything. The next morning was bright warm sunshine and we were right over a superb white sandy beach that looked like nobody had ever stepped foot on it before. Superb.

31-01-2012, 19:43
As the others say water wont be much of a problem but make sure you have enough Gas, We were on Uist over Easter last year and traveled for miles as our gas was due to run out and gas sellers were closed.

A great trip and well worth it. Many great wild camp places particularly on Lewis and Harris. The further south the more you will get waved at :wave:


31-01-2012, 22:04
I've no water tank onboard, don't need one. I carry 3 x 5 litre bottles and fill the porta potti tank before I leave. Never needed any extra. I'm a solo camper though. So hardly any washing up, drink straight from the bottle, paper plates & plastic forks!!

02-02-2012, 08:07
Thanks everyone for all your helpful replies! Particularly the BYOB advice! :cheers:

We pick up Bluebell next Friday and are having a week on the North York Moors on small sites to get used to her, so hopefully by Easter we will be settled in and ready to explore an area that has been on our list for a long time! :drive:


Guernsey Donkey
02-02-2012, 11:54
Have alook at:


Plenty of info.