View Full Version : the wisdom of a wife!

20-12-2004, 12:34
this has nothing to do with motorhomes, but its so funny i just had to share it....

My son and i was watching a program on the telly about eastern martial arts, and meditation.
my son told me that his aikido sensi told him about " the sound of one hand clapping". At this point my wife entered the room on her way upstairs and said, "i've known the answer to that one for years". My son replied with a laugh,"Oh really mum?, that question has kept people talking for centuries, i'd love to know the answer to that one".
"easy" she said. "The sound of one hand clapping is a slap, it's the first thing a wife and mother learns".
we tactfully shut up at that point.


20-12-2004, 19:46
be fore the dempnstration eh kirmit. nice one
my favourite not a true story
a wife is rather fed up with hubby. he's a ham radio type and spends all his spare time on the radio speaking to people all over the world. one night she hears a cry from his radio cubbyhole and rushes in.
"whats the matter?" she says.
"I think it's lumbago" he replies, rubbubg his back.
"Huh" she snorts, " don't know why you bother. You can't even speak lumbagan" :D