View Full Version : Overnight in Crewe

P McClure
08-03-2012, 12:27
Next Sunday (25th) I'm doing a cycle sportive which sets of from Crewe football ground (CW2 6EB).

I've been told by the organisers that I can't park overnight on the car park.

Does anyone know anywhere close by where I could park overnight in a motorhome 7.1 metres long?



08-03-2012, 13:06
i've stayed at the Hunter's Lodge Sydney Road, Crewe overnight in their huge carpark with permission of the manager. I bought food and drink.
I think Elaine was her name....the food is good and the hotel is pleasant and clean but trending slightly towards the expensive side.

08-03-2012, 14:14
There is parking close by. If you go out of the ground past the train station (on your right) go to the roundabout and turn right. Along that road there's a couple of options. On your right there is a pub maybe they may let you or on your left is an industrial estate, you will see lots of car dealers, BMW etc. If you turn up one of them streets, they have street names like first avenue, second avenue etc. Lots of on street parking there. Also further along that road come to a roundabout 1st left is another pub. Sorry don't know pub names just know a little around there cus I take my car for servicing over there.