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lady barnet
03-06-2007, 21:15
Ok on the grand tour of france ma an pa clampett came across le touquet (passed through some 14yrs ago by mrs meeke and determined to return)

we went to both the dedicated aire - mid elbow of nowhere which comprised of a row of campervans parked in a street on either side end to end - nowhere near bugger all, and you could walk to one place to get water and that was about it. Close by was the other site - the hippodrome (same road) which also charged 6.50 per night - to get wait for it - ooh i think possibly water and bugger all else.

It clearly states you cant park on the seafront in a campervan but there are no restrictions on the side roads nearby and we personally copied two other camper vans and parked in rue dorothee - which didnt cost us anything and was extremely peaceful and a 2min walk to seafront and 10min walk to the restaurants. It appears honfleur has huge amount of holiday homes so no-one seemed bothered by our hanging out there - even when i wondered out on instructions of mr meeke in jim jams to turn on the gas so we could have a cup of coffee(this morning as it happens)

29-06-2007, 19:28
Ther is another Aire at Le TOuquet at amotorhome dealers.They don't charge and there is free water. It is near the airport.