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28-03-2012, 07:09
I am considering buying a pretty modern Motorhome and driving it somewhere sunny (France, Portugal, Spain, Greece) then hiring it out. Has anyone been down this road? I appreciate there are many pitfalls and it can be a risky business etc, however I think I can manage with ensuring any costs would be covered for damage etc. I am more interested in what the authorities would have to say about it. Who would I pay tax to etc. Is it better to let an esstablished company do the hiring? I have money in the bank that is doing absoloutley nothing and I want to put it to work in a motorhome (whilst giving me the perks of free accomm when I want of course). Is there a DVD about this?

Your input would be much appreciated and I would welcome any advice or guidelines. If you have any links that you think may help please e-mail them to me at:-


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28-03-2012, 17:14
I can help you spend your money that is for sure :scared:

serioulsy, when i bought my van 4 years ago, this was my intention, i first rented it out to my cousin, who burnt out the clutch, 550 repair, also there was a small leak, he took out the drain pipe as he thought it was that causing the leak :scared: this casued more damage, i decided not to do it again, my friend also had a fleet of hire vans, it went bust the custom just isnt there, he says. I have just been looking to hire one for a week end, thinking mine wont be ready, just out of interest i looked on availability, the vans are available nearly all year, maybe you could do that, just have a look how many are booked up, may give you an indication, anyway, if you still want help spending that cash, you can always find me lurking around here :wave::lol-049:

28-03-2012, 17:18
There is enough risk and agro self hiring in the UK without doing it in a foreign country, highly unlikely you will get insurance cover for a start.

I would not bother


Billy Ruffian
28-03-2012, 18:32
have a look here Options from MotorHolme - Like owning a brand new motorhome, only much, much better! (http://www.motorholme.co.uk/check.asp)

personally I wouldn't want to do it as the depreciation looks like the deal breaker but see what you think

28-03-2012, 19:36
I think you would be better off buying a Static Caravan on a Foreign site and renting that out.

28-03-2012, 20:15
We met a couple last year with a big A Class Rapido which they also hired out. It was less than 6 months old and the mirrors and a window were already broken.
One thing to bear in mind is that M/H parts are not as easy and quick to source as car parts and your vehicle could be out of commission for long periods.