View Full Version : Reeth to Barnard Castle

31-03-2012, 14:29
Well I made to (and back) from Barnard Castle. Reeth petrol station - 6 car queue (in Reeth!!!)

Have done this trip several times for work, but 1st time in the van and camped. Usually I'm in the GTi doing Mach2!!
However chilled out in the van I never realised how many possible POI's I passed. There's hardly any currently on file. BUT I've 10 more for y'all.
I've email them to Canalsman Like I always do, but I had to share one or two.
54.365761,-2.022777 is a small OR above Swaledale, with the most amazing view to wake upto. BUT the road up is a little tight and twisty in parts and anything over 20ft will definitely struggle.
54.408875,-1.985291 is a hugh LR just before Langthwaite. This morning it had a C***van parked up unhitched, and it was still there on my return, clearly there for the summer. All jacks down & toys out. But a very nice spot looking up the valley.