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10-04-2012, 13:20
Was in Scarborough over the weekend and went to take a look see at CU Scarborough (the one
on the small pier) and found the sign 5072

10-04-2012, 14:12
Have a look at "here we go again" in general chat.

10-04-2012, 14:47
Was in Scarborough over the weekend and went to take a look see at CU Scarborough (the one
on the small pier) and found the sign 5072

it was never lost it's always been there :scared:

10-04-2012, 16:22
This is similar to the notice I defied a few years ago in North Devon. I said, I'm not guilty, you prove I am if you can." The council backed down and the notices were later removed. They later said, in a Freedom of Information response, that around the time of my "offence" the rules were changed and that the offence became a not an offence.

My defiance caused a little consternation on this forum and opinion was divided about whether I was right to defy it. I think I was right. The height barriers that the pessimists here said would result didn't appear. I know of no ill effect of my defiance. A positive result.

Now whether I'd be right here I don't know. The North Devon car park had a separate notice listing the offences with offence codes. For example Code 11 might have been the offence of camping, sleeping, cooking. Whatever the offence code was, it was withdrawn. And as far as I know it was withdrawn at all their council controlled car parks. At this car park here, is there a similar list of offences? Or is sleeping, camping cooking the only offence which can be committed on this car park? No time limit, failure to display a receipt, must be parked in marked bays, no market stalls or stuff like that?

(Regarding the validity of vague notices like this - not long ago I had cause to question a notice regarding "Access Only". On this occasion I wanted the notice enforced - a bit of a change for me. This is the response I received from the Police. " For the police, these are a real pain to enforce. If we find a car parked in the zone, even if we establish that the registered keeper lives elsewhere, we cannot prove it is not being used by a visitor to a house or business in the zone unless we visit each property and ask if the user of the car is there. These signs are sometimes out up in the hope that they will deter people from parking in the zone, relying on their law-abiding nature.")

It's my guess these notices are similar in their intent. They might or might not have legal penalities but how are you going to prove the offence? (Sleeping? How could I sleep with you banging on the door? Cooking? Not me, this is a take-away. Camping? What's that mean?)

I'm still optimistic that the proposals I put to Scarborough council almost a year ago and which have still not been discussed by the Parking Review Committee might be adopted. I've asked again today when they will be discussed and I had a phone call from one of the members of the committee. He says that there is great deal of resentment in the town and I think that only the provision of suitable parking areas for us will remedy the resentment. And then only if we use them and I'm not all that sure that all of us would.

It has been easy to blame a useless council and speculate that council members have vested financial interests in promoting the use of campsites but I'm beginning to believe that motorhomes are becoming a nightmare for them. In another thread there is information that an area has been taken over by Irish Travellers who are uncontrollable and uncaring - it made an uncomfortable read http://www.wildcamping.co.uk/forums/rants-raves-misbehaves/17877-scarborough.html. Provide Aires for us and how do they stop them becoming Dale Farms? It must be a nightmare.