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12-04-2012, 18:28
I've just got this from another forum.


Blackpool - New daytime parking for motorhomes


I've just received details from Blackpool Council of new daytime parking provision for motorhomes. It is located just beyond Blackpool FC ground (arriving from the south along Yeadon Way). It was formerly known as Lonsdale Road Coach Station, nearest postcode being for the Lonsdale Car Park (FY1 6EE). The Tariff is 5 for 12 Hours (no overnight camping).

Currently, it will be shared with coaches this year. However, coaches are tending to drive past this site and use the council's new facility further up the road. The uptake by motorhome users will be closely monitored this year and if it's a success the site should become solely motorhomes next year. Users should depart to the South as there are height-restriction barriers at various exit points to the North.

Motorhome users can still use coach bays at one of the council's other sites but will have to pay the coach-rate if they do so.

Brian Flower, the parking officer at Blackpool Council, has put a lot of effort into making specific provision for motorhomes (as well as sending updated information to me without being asked). Hopefully his efforts will be rewarded by a positive uptake. As mentioned, there is no overnight camping allowed at present but you never know what might happen in future.

12-04-2012, 18:39
I think 5 for 24 hours would be a much more useful gesture by Blackpool Council. It wouldn't cost them any more in facilities, and the uptake in revenue would be much bigger.