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Firstly hello :wave: Total noob here so go easy.

We (me, wife and young son) have hired a motor home for 7 nights with collection in Perth, first time we have done anything like this so after advice and tips for our trip in August. From what I gather the first is take huge amounts of mosquito repellent! I've never driven a motor home before so also any driving advice would be ideal.

We'd like to see mixture of scenery and if possible one overnight stop near a beach and one near a castle are high on my sons list, so with that I'm looking for a base itinerary. I'd like to wild camp as much as possible with one night or two at a site to clean up and fill up.

So really looking for peoples stories and advice.


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some pics from the west coast last week (https://picasaweb.google.com/103497385326059049448/West20120415)

mosquito repellent!!!! na they cant fly through the hailstones :) Didnt see a single blood sucker last week :) Avon Skin So Soft is allegedly the stuff you need though Ive never tried it.

beaches and castles are everywhere :) Depends on the distance your planning on traveling? Dont forget Loch Ness to see the monster :)

Cant really comment much on the wild camping bit as Ive only had the van on the road for a week but me being me Id just stop where ever I wanted (within reason so as not to try and attract attention)....but confrontation and police dont scare me. Youve come to the right place though...plenty of advice to be found here if you have a look around

Great photos landydriver.
I was quite relaxed watching the slideshow.

Loved the mug on the dashboard.