View Full Version : Ainsdale and Formby, West Lancashire

01-05-2012, 12:49
I had a lovely weekend at the seaside last week and stayed in the following locations :

Ainsdale Beach, near Southport 53.60351, -3.0669
This is on the POI but should be given 3 stars, :heart: its lovely - easy to access, free (we parked up about 8pm and the barriers were up and there were no charges but there may be parking charges at daytimes / weekends / peak season etc), public toilet, 5 mins from shops, cemetary in town for water. There were no visible "No overnighting" signs, although BBQs and fires were forbidden. The beach is patrolled by Rangers on a regular basis, and although there was some fast driving of cars at night, it was only for an hour or so about midnight, no worse than in any supermarket car park. There were a couple of other vans overnight but plenty of space to be completely isolated. Fantastic sunset and miles of lovely sandy beach, absolutely perfect for dog owners. We got water the following day at Birkdale cemetary in Ainsdale 53.608536, -3.027240

New POI - Lifeboat Road, Formby Head 53.55005, -3.09520 - car park Sefton Borough Council - 3 stars
A gem of a find, tarmac'd and flat, loads of space, 2 mins walk from the beach, no "No overnighting" signs. We parked up about 7pm and the barrier was up and no sign of anyone else. Apart from a police car patrol about 11pm and who were quite happy about us staying overnight, we didn't see a soul till we got up on Sunday. We stayed there all day as the weather was lovely and we were parked next to a grassy area with a picnic table, and the dog was loving it, and it was quiet enough for me to get my fiddle out for some practice without making a fool of myself, and there were a few cars during the day but it certainly wasn't busy. Cars were being charged to pay as they came in during the day on Sunday but I don't know what time charging starts. No one came round to demand any payment from us. We waited until after 4pm to leave and the car park attendant had gone by then. Water may possibly be available from the caravan park opposite the car park.

Photos from the weekend here showing the above locations http://s704.photobucket.com/albums/ww45/whitevanwoman-photos/Seaside%20adventure%20April%202012/