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24-05-2012, 21:18
Hi All,

We are already planning our tour of scotland in September, we have already got a cottage booked from the 15th-22nd (done before we realsied we would get a camper!!) and our planned route will be.........
Loch leven (kinross), Breamar (we already have a spot for this), Thurso, Ullapool, Isle of skye (cottage), Loch Leven (ballachulish) , Loch Lomand, Clattinshaws-(we saw a camper parked here a few years ago and it looked idyllic!)

Any advice on wild spots greatly appreciated!:dance:

24-05-2012, 21:47
sounds great.
We did Scotland 3 years ago but not wilding, we were on campsites. (was before we discovered this site)
Hope you have a fantastic time :have fun: and don't forget to take lots of photo's.

25-05-2012, 07:27
hello dont know what order your doing this trip in but on the way to skye you could pop in by applecross,as its kinda on route.

loch lomand has restrictions in place now for wildcamping as the neds have been making a mess of the place
over the last couple of years.

25-05-2012, 09:16
Hello fellow Pendleian!
The cafe at Clatteringshaws usually has some really nice food on offer. Short walk to Bruce's Stone & its an easy cycle if you want to ride around the loch (clockwise easier). Also if you head to the bottom of the dam, turn left onto the Raiders Road and you can go Otter watching