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28-05-2012, 14:06
Thought I'd get these online in time for the next update. Over the past month I've been all over Scotland and Northern Pennines.
Have to start with my 2 new favourite spots.
55.955357,-5.687603 Isle of Danna. Just after crossing the bridge, and right at the end of the public road. Just Brilliant!!
56.927865,-4.798386 Glen Roy Viewpoint. AMAZING!!!! Perfect for a loner like myself.

Also found: Small CP above Callander 56.247797,-4.201219
Near Newtonmore 57.070335,-4.157617. Really popular with hikers. Only night another van stayed at same spot.
Near Huntly 57.465058,-2.826179 Forestry CP called The Bin Forest
A697 near Lauder small picnic area at Pyatshaw (I think) 55.724778,-2.664061

back in my regular haunts

Screel Wood near Dalbeatie 54.872986,-3.871254
& Just south of Loch Trool 55.080099,-4.512506

Couple more discovered while working near Barnard castle. both are on the 'HGV route' from the A66 54.535015,-1.901257 & 54.527794,-1.89409 (2nd one is the better option, but they've been using it to store stuff for some recent roadworks).

and to finish off

a lot closer to home 53.860146,-2.47526 near Chaigley (This might be called Birdy Brow)
& on outskirts of Burnley 53.791345,-2.213831 Rowley Picnic site (Haven't stayed overnight here, its too close to home)

(FAO Canalsman: have emailed kmz/kml's to you)

29-05-2012, 00:29
All now done - phew!

Thank you :)