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31-05-2012, 07:50
Have noticed a few motorhomes using the large flat carpark on Stirling Road/A9 opposite the golf course in Camelon,Falkirk,very good spot,some hgv's also use this place,gets busy with amateur footballers at weekends though.Also,farther along the A9 towards Stirling at Torwood is a decent laby back from the road on the right,have also seen campers parked for the night.Both of these would be handy if you intend visiting the Falkirk Wheel

31-05-2012, 11:42
Thanks for these suggestions - I've added them to the POI Downloads :)



07-06-2012, 16:48
The first spot is an overspill from the golf club opposite...also it is a very busy road....one of the main roads into Falkirk from Stirling. The second place im guessing at, as I havent checked but sounds like it is opposite the old schooll at Torwood. I suppose you might get away with an ON here but there are house just yards along from it.

07-06-2012, 17:02
We intended to overnight at the Falkirk wheel recently. As I am a retired engineer, I would like to see it.

Is it possible to overnight in any of the car parks ( I know one is on the POI's) and particularly the coach parking area as we have a big van (tag axle). The next time we are up that way I will stopover there if possible.

11-10-2014, 15:30
visited the Wheel recently fab. we asked at the desk when paying for boat ride if there was anywhere local for us to stay as we were heading for home the following day, he told us we could stay there for 10 which included toilets laundry , so we stayed. would go again.