View Full Version : motorhome parking in Inverary

26-07-2007, 16:03
In Inverary there is a bay of approx. 6 spaces for motorhomes in the carpark through the white arch, it is on the right hand side just before the church and past the 'motorbike only' bay. This must be newish as the sign for it was a temporary one and you could tell that the original bay had been extended to fit longer length vehicles. Downside is that it is not free and not for overnight stays.
The car park entrance says " cars only " so it is not obvious that you are welcome to park there. The local council need to get there act together and provide better signs!!:(
We only discovered this area by accident as we were returning to our MH which was parked at the top end of the car park. This end is free to park but not obviously so!! There is a teeny weenie sign , above eye level, on a lamp post near to the last ticket machine for the 'pay area' saying " parking is free beyond this point". We saw several people who got caught out with this and only saw the sign AFTER they had put their money in the machine!!.

ALL the car parks in Inverary said no overnighting and the coach park had a sign saying "coaches only".