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11-06-2012, 21:04
Just came across a couple of old pics that you may enjoy; First, our original "camper van" we didn't actually sleep in it, but we did carry all our gear & had it set up with a camp kitchen under an awning across the doors. The tent & bedding was all easily accessed from behind the driver's seat. Date? 1970


And then, the first motorhome we ever saw my Dad came home one day shortly after he retired with this 1969 Ford Suntour Siesta (yes, it is Fiesta van based). This was taken in 1972 by which time we had bought our first caravan (an 8'6" Cavalier)


So what early experiences did you have? Got any piccies?

11-06-2012, 21:19
Love the Ford :)


11-06-2012, 22:26
Bike and tent in 1979.
It was a 1976 Yellow Honda Gold Wing (German registered) loaded with camping kit with ex (German) wife stood behind it.
Loved it so much I bought another 1976 Turquoise 'Wing' in 2003. :scooter:

6071 6072

After having 5 years off for good behaviour between marriages, we hired a motorhome in Germany to tour the Rhine valley with our (then) 12 month old daughter.
This photo was taken almost 21 years ago, and the 'van in the picture would look good on the road today!


12-06-2012, 21:02
Love the Ford :)


Hee Hee, they're both Fords actually, the top one is a 1962 Thames Van. But I know you mean the white Escort pop-top. It was two berth with a stand-alone rear annex tent. Quite heavy to drive but had power disc brakes & steering which was unusual for vans in those days. Travelling in the rear seats was odd cos they were quite high (no footwell) so visibility out was a bit limited. Cooker, cupboards, sink, pumped water, half height wardrobe, it did the job as well as our caravan. They later carried a small porta potti, so all mod con! :)

We spotted a contemporary Austin Westminster version for sale in LazyDays (A41 near Tern, Shropshire) last year, it wasn't cheap tho - but it was road tax exempt!