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12-06-2012, 13:40
I start this by stating I am hopeless at DIY!!!

Why do the large suppliers feel that they are entitled to charge such exhorbitant prices in the UK?
The hot water manifold on my 1992 Hymer B564 split last week leaving a nice puddle coming from under the hanging cupboard while I was touring France. I could get one there (Euros 30 approx) but it was a 7 day wait - too long for me. On my return I rang a couple of dealers and was given the same price for a replacement by both - 120 +10 postage. The cost is so great, I was told, because the maniold is now made from brass rather than thermoplastic. Well that was too expensive for me!!
After a bit of googling I found all the bits (in brass) to make my own manifold for the grand sum of 18.33 at Screwfix. There are other suppliers but Screwfix are just around the corner from me.
Neither of the suppliers I spoke to suggested a cheap fix was possible. Is not it time UK prices fell into line with Europe.
The moral of the sad tale is always look at improvising.

n brown
12-06-2012, 17:30
my answer to this is simple,they're trying it on and why not,if anyones daft enough to pay their price more fool them and good for the seller.if you have enough sense to shop round good for you.a 8mm equal 'T' joint at the campshop,9.45, screwfix 1.23

12-06-2012, 21:36
It's quite simple a good deal is a state of mind....ones food is anothers poison and all that rubbish.

Whilst parts may or may not be cheaper in France ....what are the labour rates?...it is a question not a statement honest.

Fact is lots of' problems' can be cured with a little nouse and lateral thinking.

Of course part of the motor industry survives on the.fact some either can't be bothered or lack co
nfidence tackling things of a mechanical nature.

I personally don't have a problem with any of it. Caveat emptar...seems to hold true as ever

12-06-2012, 21:39
will add to this i was looking for a whale 12v pump,got one off fleabay for 9.95 plus 2.50 p+p

my local caravan supplier wanted 32 for the same pump.

nice profit but not from me

David & Ann
13-06-2012, 08:07
My Instrument cluster gave up the ghost. Garage charged me 35 + labour to tell me I need a new one. Fair enough. They quoted me 650 +VAT +labour for a new won. Got on the Internet and ordered one in Germany. Paid 179 all inclusive. Got it day before yesterday and all is well. Fitted it myself inside of 10 minutes.