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13-06-2012, 23:18
im in need to stop over in orford one day as im thinking of going over to orford-ness to check out the old research base there, but i dont no of any sites or wild spots to park up at, iv googled the heck out of oford and cant find a thing do any one here no were i can park for the day and night safely and close to the center of offord as need to walk to the boat.
thank you for reading

14-06-2012, 04:49
Keeping in mind your comment of and close to the center of offord as need to walk to the boat.

There is a car park just up from the Quay but you will probably get turfed off there

Your best bet is to beg, borrow or steal a little tent and pretend to camp at The Jolly Sailor (http://thejollysailor.net/). The town is not keen on m/homes and there are few opportunities for wilding around there

14-06-2012, 08:00
iv found the large pay and display and read there notice Bord on google earth ,''unbelievable lol'' no using your cooking stove. any way so far i can park up in there all day leave the van and wife but just need a good over night spot , i think i will have to accept reality that its not possible to stay in orford and find somewhere different like rendlesham forest camp site.
i would stay in orford but just dont wish to give camper vanning a bad name as the state of my Van is not ready for posh eyes yet.

14-06-2012, 09:26
Orford people will not take kindly to you wild camping in the village. I have family there and visit regularly. However, I also have a VW van, green, so it blends in well, and we stayed in the Orford Castle Car Park one night without any problem - arrive late and leave early to be fair to the locals. If you have a larger white vehicle it will stick out like a sore thumb. You will not be allowed to stay in any of the car parks - someone will ask you to move on.

Going out of the village towards Sudbourne, just before the garage is a small road on the right - it's signposted as a cycle route. There may be a few places to pull off but be aware that this is very active farming country and you may get moved on from what seems like a very inocuous spot. On this road there is a small CC club site but you will have to book as it's popular.

Also be aware that you can't visit the Ness willy nilly as most of it is a bird sanctuary so you will have to do some research. If you're a member of the NT seek out what they offer.

Hope this helps

15-06-2012, 21:45
thanks for the info, im not planing on staying in orford my van is to scruffy but will have to look some were.
we will park over the day in the pay display while im on the ness, the ness have tours once a month and one is coming up in june and again july prob do the july one