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John H
16-06-2012, 11:32
I am not a fan of the mutual back-slapping that is represented by the "reputation" button on many sites but I have been off-line for a couple of days and I notice on my return that those green bars have disappeared and I cannot find any comment about it. I certainly am not asking for them to return but I would be interested to know the reasoning behind their disappearance (basically because I'm a nosy sod!).

While I'm at it, I can't quite see the point of totalling the number of likes received and given. The like button is very useful because it enables you to agree with someone without making a separate post but in real life, nobody keeps a record of the number of times they have agreed with something. After all, two people who have each "liked", say, a hundred posts could have liked totally opposing views, so the totals don't really tell you anything about those two individuals. It is a small point and I certainly have no desire to turn it into a campaign (you will be pleased to hear!) but am I alone in this?

16-06-2012, 11:50
I'd noticed their arrival but, you must be more observant then me, not their disappearance. At first I thought they were something to do with mobile phones, but then decided, rightly or wrongly, it was more to do with the amount of posts etc on the forum?

16-06-2012, 21:45
Phil originally said he would leave that system on for a bit to see how it went and I guess it didn't!

Tony Lee
17-06-2012, 01:26
Yes John - fully agree that a few of these sort of kindy features don't really add anything to the debate and can be easily manipulated by over-use and mutual-use in completely trivial posts such as humour topics and the like. Someone ends up appeaaring as a motorhoming guru merely because a flunky follows him around and ticks the right boxes in the jokes sections.. Perhaps essential in the first couple of years at school but we normally grow out of fragile egos by third or fourth year.

I guess Phil - and other forum owners - try them out in an effort to appeal to certain sections of the populace that place great store in such bling. Some of them work and others are just a distraction.

I hadn't noticed either the introduction or the removal of the latest feature until they were noted in posts, so guess it doesn't matter whether it stayed or went