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16-06-2012, 13:10
I have had an intermittent starting problem on my van for about 6 years, I know, I know,it was so infrequent that I let it go, but it recently got worse so I decided to fix it, what happened was when I turned the key to start the engine ,all ignition lights came on but starter would not fire , it was a sticking solenoid on the starter motor, I made up a cable to clip to the small live terminal on the solenoid and touched the other end to the battery , a clunk sounded and all was well again, as I say this needed doing about every six months so no big deal I thought,that is until it happened last week in Asda's Petrol station and I caused chaos and mayhem on the pumps.
Anyway I took the starter motor off and took it to a local Mayday spares place to get a new starter, they didn't have mine in stock but could get me on next day which they did, on collection I noticed that the replacement was different to my original,{ no earth clamping position } modified they said, just bolt the Earth to the retaining bolt position when you refit. I did this but the starter just whirred on ignition and would not fire, I checked all terminals were good ,still no go, I removed the starter again to check all was right, refitted it and still no go, so I removed the starter again and took it back the shop.
This is not right say I, sorry say they, we will get you another one for tomorrow, so back I go next day and hey presto they have one that is the same as my original except that this one does not require a spacer that the original had.and it is a brand new one unlike the first one they gave me which was reconditioned, very sorry they say, this is what you should have got in the first place but apparently it had been wrongly boxed and carried the wrong numbers, numbers don't seem to mean much if the product has been modified it seems.
Any way I returned home, crawled back under the van and refitted the new starter and Hey Presto it fired first time and all is now well. So I am now pretty good at fitting starter motors having done it four times in the last couple of days, the replacement starter motor cost me 175 inc.vat, [ Bosch ] 2.8 JTD Fiat . good job the sun was shining here in the sunny South so I could get the job done.:cool1::cool1: