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16-06-2012, 18:56
So sorry I have forgotten your name....head like a sieve...:)

Forgot to tell you, when you clear the BBs caches once a week, while the phone is on, take the battery out after clearing and leave for 10 mins and then put it back in. This reboots it, and giving it a few mins ensures it releases all the used memory.

Androids switch off completely and reboot when they are turned back on, so releasing memory every day. The BB just goes to sleep when switched off, and doesn't reboot, so doesn't release used memory. That's why your memory goes down.

ALT LGLG...menu (BB symbol )..... clear log, can be done a few times a day,

Close all apps, FB, Twitter etc with menu, scroll down then close. That closes them properly and stops them running in the background wasting memory and battery.

Thought Id just post these bits so you can have a read after the meet, cos if you are like me you'll have forgotten half I was rabbiting on about :) :)


Funky Farmer
16-06-2012, 19:50
I have forgotten already Ange and I'm still reading it:p