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oldish hippy
17-06-2012, 06:20
ok think time has come to get one of the above ok laptop will have to be secondhand due to cost but not sure wether to get a tablet will need wifi ok the prices are dropping on the tablets {fondleslabs} will need wifi as well .as it wil give me something to do when the weather is behaving like it is now .so what mins spec should i be looking at to run wifi and tv stick ,ok do run antique pc at home but have it tweaked to limit and running fast self built but unsure about mobile cpu and graphics {aquired my home pc one piece at a time fitting upgrades for ex freinds in the past ended up with thbit i needed to do want iwanted to do but havent done anything for years now}any adfvice more than welcome.doesnt have to be all singing and dancing as long as it does what ineed it to do

17-06-2012, 08:13
Went through the same exact process earlier this year, decided against the tablets because they are fairly slow, with limited capacity unless you spend mega bucks for the latest highest spec all singing/dancing thing, don't forget to factor in the cost of the add on keyboard etc etc so that you can use it.
Picked up a fairly high spec Toshiba laptop with a flip around touch screen so it can be used like a fairly chunky tablet if required, and only cost 350 because it was a factory re-manufactured unit, full guarantee etc, cost over 1000 new, its one of there professional range so it's designed to be take a bit of abuse too.

17-06-2012, 09:21
I was considering the same thing.

Id looked at tablets and netbooks and laptops and come to the following conclusions....a laptop would be safe enough to do internet banking. Wouldn't trust a tablet for that, especially an android which is easy to hack into.

A laptop would have more power and storage capabilities than a tablet, and could charge satnavs etc that charge through usb.

Looking at tablets, iphone and Blackberry come in 16GBs of storage and above, neither having an sd card slot or usb port. However, cloud storage is available for both. Android tablets can have less GBs but have sd card storage, a card slot and very often a usb port.

Id decided on a small laptop, cos Id need a usb port to charge the satnav and Nexus handsfree, and for my memory sticks.

However, i then received a gift of a 16gb BlackBerry Playbook tablet.

For the normal day the tablet connects to my wifi at home and is lightening quick. If I am out my tablet connects to my Blackberry phone and uses it's signal and data to access the Internet. So far that has been fine. I belive ipads and android tablets can use a third party app to do the same or similar thing.

Summary.....I love my Blackberry tablet and at some point will get either a netbook or small lappy just for banking, the my old PC can go. A 16gb Blackberry and 4gb android tablet can bet got for around 120, adding slightly more to the android for the sd card.


Funky Farmer
17-06-2012, 09:31
Ummmmm ..... Yes, well.... Carry on you are doing a great job:pc::confused:

17-06-2012, 09:35
i have a acer zg5 that needs a battery and a ssd drive you can have for the price of postage.

it was working but the ssd drive screwed up.and the battery wont hold a charge but has mains adapter.

oldish hippy
17-06-2012, 10:28
thank you very much for the offer but it it is a lot of work to replace the hdd