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17-06-2012, 22:20
Does any body know where I can get a new handle for the door on a Autoquest 200, I have had no luck so far on the net.

18-06-2012, 11:20
Hi Leelinda, if you are talking about the habitation / living part door then it should be a fairly standard caravan type door handle that most caravan dealers should stock. If it's a cab/base vehicle door handle then you need to look at any dealers near you for the make of base vehicle your van is, eg:- Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot etc.

Hope this is helpful to you.

18-06-2012, 18:40
Thanks for the info, I was just being lazy and trying to find one on the internet.

18-06-2012, 20:22
Can't see why the internet would be a problem. Plenty of caravan / motorhome dealers have their own websites. If they don't show it on their website they may have it in stock if you email or phone them and ask. Websites get expensive to run when you're listing about 10,000 different parts and then there's your caravan / motorhome stock as well!!

The best idea would be to take the handle off and take it with you to a dealer for comparison to make sure you get the right part.

18-06-2012, 21:31
I have found them on the web now. I'm glad I was sat down as the cost was a lot more than I thought (around the 100 mark ). I will take it off again and make sure it can't be mended before buying a new one.
The problem is that it will lock from the outside but not from inside.
Thanks for your time

11-07-2012, 15:59
Sorted it.
It was just an adjustment problem, I took it off again after talking to my campervan dealer and worked out that the striker plate was out of adjustment.
Lucky I didn't invest about 100.00 in a new handle.

11-07-2012, 19:27
Phew! Well done :)

11-07-2012, 21:50
Yes quite a relief, we didn't realise that the door wasn't locking to begin with, so we had a couple of nights unsecure.
That was when we at the meet at the Navigation Pub. Luckily we werewith friends.
Sorted now, so we can sleep soundly.:sleep-040: