View Full Version : wild camping in south wales?

18-06-2012, 23:27
hi going to south wales from swansea then gower peninsula, then tenby any where in the area known to be safe to park and top up fresh water? maybe up to aberystwith? time permitting.

wild west jack
19-06-2012, 01:37
Swansea theres a council carpark always open at blackpill quiet at night and a large carpark in mumbles at verdis icecream ,cafe im there all night fishing sometimes turn in before the pier .drinking water tap there last time i looked.
Gower check out the heritage centre at parkmill water,toilets and may find a spot there if you look or ask, top entrance to bankfarm site at horton get water and go, grass verge parking for pavland cave on main road to rhossilli is good. theres a field carpark for whitford open all night put money in honesty box
Tenby loads of little laybys and good spots you see as you go and up the road to manobier to.

wild west jack
19-06-2012, 12:30
Also Gower parked up in Oxwich sea front carpark recently they close barrier over night but open it earlyhad no probs.

19-06-2012, 13:52

Are you allowed to park up by the beach in Oxwich now?

How much do they charge?

They used to allow parking overnight here some years ago but it was ruined by the normal trash that take over with washing lines bbqs etc.

19-06-2012, 13:54
There is a POI in Aberporth overlooking the beach in the car park worth visiting.

sean rua
19-06-2012, 17:55
Nice little place, Aberporth.

n brown
19-06-2012, 19:12
leave oxwich turn left onto main rd,turn right at cop shop to reynoldston about half a mile turn right after the cattle grid you can park with great views and get woken up by wild ponies scratching their arses on your van

wild west jack
20-06-2012, 02:09
yes oxwich was ok a few weeks back no sure when peek hol season kicks in though,
n brown yes the top of pen y bryn near arthurs stone a good spot views to north and south gower there v.nice.