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Paul Thompson
21-06-2012, 21:26
I am a new full member and would like to take advantage of the POI list i am planning to visit Grange Over Sands for a one night stay, plan leaving early next morning to Bridlington...

Any help much appreciated



21-06-2012, 21:41
Hi Paul.

I stayed in Grange a couple of weeks ago for the races at Cartmel. but on a site called Low Fell Gate in a big family group.
Although you have to pay the usual fee, it had a lovely view of the bay. It was so nice watching the tide come and go. Beautiful. If you stay there you'll need serious stabilisers/ chocks because of the hill.
The nearest POI's look ok but I don't know as I haven't tried them.
While you're in the area, you must go to Cartmel and get some sticky toffee pudding - it's divine (serve hot with extra thick / clotted cream) dribble dribble....
Let us know how you get on.


21-06-2012, 22:44
Hi Paul, If you go to the Home page and click on the "POI Downloads" link in the Site Navigation box (top right), you can download the POI files from there to your computer and satnav. You'll find all the instructions there too.

There are several POIs within distance of Grange that look suitable. One that I've used near there is at "Humphrey Head", a remote coastal parking spot a few miles to the south. I seem to remember that the road to it was a bit narrow and meandering though. Incidentally, I was told that the very last wild wolf in England was killed on Humphrey Head, so it should be quite safe there now! :)

21-06-2012, 22:51
Cumbria to Bridlington in one foul swoop...if I were you or even me...stop in Cumbria

Paul Thompson
22-06-2012, 16:22
Thanks for the help guys we will take the info on board,i dont mind paying for a one night stop but if i can avoid it i will......:wave: