View Full Version : Has anyone used a simple campsite near Essen?

22-06-2012, 08:09
Hubby has sent me a link for something that looks gorgeous - well at least their Shepherd's huts do, we wouldn't be staying in those but I'd love a nosy! but the PRICES!
10 euros seems fine before they start charging for each person and then for the dog as well! =28 euros!
Bauwagen (http://www.ruhrcamping.de/bauwagen.html)

This is only a stopover whilst travelling, but we do need toilet facilities ....

I haven't got to grips with the PoI files yet as my tablet, which I was going to be travelling with, can't support the Google Maps files ... so I guess this poor old broken (screen unstuck!) Macbook is going to have to travel with us ...

Any suggestions for simple, basic campsites near Essen? (We can sleep in the bus if need be, cramped because we collect the cab-bed later in the holiday and we have hubby with us at this point, but if there is no tent-camping we can van-camp)


23-06-2012, 06:57
We're thinking that we will just park up at one of the motorway service areas instead ... we seem to remember from our previous long cross-continental drives that the toilets were open long after the restaurant and shops had closed ...

and there have certainly been motorhomes parked up there because I've always made a point of walking past them when doing the dog walk to have a little nosy! (I don't know why, when all you can ever seen is the size and placement of the windows and any artwork, but I am drawn to them ....)


23-06-2012, 18:23
Wohnmobil-Stellplatz in Essen (45309) / Deutschland ( Nordrhein-Westfalen ) (http://www.camperado.de/stellplatz_details/Essen___3464) Have a look at this, may help.

24-06-2012, 09:42
Bauwagen "Horst" für 2-3 Personen geeignet.

at least you can have a poo and wash yer face clean yer teeth all at the same time in this one :)