View Full Version : Solar fun.

24-06-2012, 07:53
This is going to be solar panel week, but I'm not looking forward to sitting on the roof in the pouring rain fitting something which needs sun to work. I've looked at the type which just connect with crocodile clips, but realistically we don't have anywhere inside to store it when not in use, so it's going to have to be a roof mounted one, which I then have to work out how to connect inside. We may get away with not fitting one as this time round we are going to be living in temperatures around 80 degrees for a month and will not have a permanent internet connection, so things such as heater fans and other current draining devices will not be in use. I was going to fit a second battery, but as the perceived wisdom seems to be change both ast the same time the cost is not much less than the cost of a solar panel and the panel will last a lot longer than another battery.

At the moment I'm sitting on a very wet car park in the pouring rain, but off to Dovedale for the day later, so look out for the sticker if you are up that way.